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Vellourss Green Initiative in 2024

Vellourss Green Initiative in 2024

In our enterprise, we are driven by two principal objectives: to enrich your life with unique emotions and experiences, and to contribute positively to the planet. Our commitment to environmental sustainability has led us to partner with the Tree Nation project, an ambitious ecological initiative started in 2006. This project has evolved from a visionary concept into a worldwide afforestation effort.

At Vellourss, we recognize the profound significance and utility of every tree. Forests are crucial for our existence and for fostering a sustainable environment. They are our steadfast partners in the critical battle against climate change. Motivated by a determination to make a difference, we embarked on our journey by planting a single seed, marking the beginning of our impactful journey.


The forest of Vellourss by 2024


Inspired by the results of planting other Tree Nation sites, our team decided to make our own significant contribution to greening the planet. In partnership with forestry services, we plan to enrich our planet's ecosystem with another 5000 trees by 2024.
Now we have planted 100 trees that will gradually grow into tens of thousands.
Check out Vellourss Forest's online mission data here to see how committed our people are to this great cause.



We decided to plant 10 trees a day


We have decided to plant 10 trees a day and this will lead us to the goal of making our planet greener and thus increasing the amount of oxygen on the planet


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